Wednesday, June 15, 2011

USA GBL Take-Two

Scenario for the Imagination - Grassroots Basketball in America is different; instead of playing AAU, the top young players in America play in a Grassroots Basketball League run by USA Basketball.  Synopsis below...

- USA Grassroots Basketball League - 25 Teams 
- Each team will represent an American geographical region plus Canada. 
- A US State must field two teams if it has a population of over 20M; therefore, Texas    and California will each have two teams.
Changes from original USA GBL Plan
- Team Texas will be separated and Texas will field two teams
- Arkansas leaves Team Gulf for Team Appalachia to rectify population in-balance.
- Team Virginia combines with Team MD/DC to for Team Capitol.

Click to View USA GBL Top 10 + Team Profiles

1.  Team New England - Population: 14M
2.  Team New York - Population: 19M 
3.  Team Pennsylvania - Population: 12.7M 
4.  Team New Jersey - Population: 8.7M 
5.  Team Ohio - Population: 11.5M
6.  Team Capitol (MD/VA/DC) - Population: 14M
7.  Team North Carolina - Population 9.5M
8.   Team Gulf (MS, AL, LA) - Population: 12.5M
9.  Team Florida - Population: 18M
10.  Team Georgia - Population: 9.7M
11.  Team Texas North - Population: 12.5M
12.  Team Texas South - Population: 12.5M
13.  Team Southern Cal - Population: 18.5M
14.  Team Northern Cal - Population: 18.5M
15.  Team Indiana - Population: 6.4M
16.  Team Illinois - Population: 12.8M
17.  Team Lewis&Clarke (WA/OR/ ID/WY/MT/HA/AK) - Population 16M
18.  Team Michigan - Population: 9.8M
19Team Kentucky/West Virginia/Arkansas - Population: 9M
20. Team WIld West (OK, NM, AZ) - Population: 12M
21.  Team Sierra (NV, UT, CO) - Population: 10.4M
22.  Team Heartland (NE, KS, IA, MZ) -  Population: 14M
23.  Team Paul Bunyan (MN, WI, ND, SD) - Population: 12M
24.  Team Elvis (SC, TN) - Population: 11M
25.  Team Canada - Population: 33M


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