Sunday, September 11, 2011

BHFS Player Landings

Isshiah Coleman - New Mission HS
Beantown Hoops Fall Shootout - Player Landings

Joey Flannery - '12 - 6'3 G/F - Acton-Boxborough HS
-  A complete unknown coming in, Flannery is a strong-bodied wing with a good-looking, old-school, high-release set-shot where he gets up just a few inches off the ground.  Yesterday, he scorch the nets with trey balls all afternoon.  More impressive was that once defenders started closing out on him hard, Flannery looked to attack the close-out and make a play.  On one occasion, an A-B guard penetrated and kicked the ball out to Flannery on the left wing.  As he caught the ball, a defender closed-out hard.  After holding the catch and looking at the basket for a fraction of a second, he went by the defender with two hard left handed dribbles baseline, then smoothly rose up and dunked the ball hard with one hand over the front of the rim, drawing oohs and ahhs from all over the gym. 

Isshiah Coleman - '13 - 6'3 F - New Mission HS
- Not too often that a 6'3 player is referred to as a 'shot-blocker', but in the case of Isshiah Coleman, that's what he is...a 6'3 shot-blocker.  With his long arms and freakish athleticism, Coleman is a player who can play high above the rim, challenging high-arcing shot attempts and contending for rebounds at the very beginning of their descent.  And as everyone found out yesterday, Coleman goes to the rim hard with two hands and finishes with force in traffic.

Malcolm Martin - '14 - 6'5 PF - New Mission HS
- Simply put, Martin might be the biggest cat that I've ever seen effectively play the game.  He is an absolute monster wide-body who eats up space and serves as an immoveable wall which the opposition must circumvent on their quest for the cup.  In terms of his game, Martin runs the floor very well and has soft hands and quick feet.  Yesterday, he did a nice of job of using his body to finish around the basket consistently.  Right now, his post-game is raw, but with his tools and his frame, the potential is there without question.  No matter what happens on the hardwood, if this kid decides to actively pursue a gridiron career, Malcolm will have big-time college football coaches drooling from the mouth.

Matt Mobley - '12 - 6'2 G - St Peter Marian HS
- Long athletic guard with a nice upside.  Attacks hard going one way with his speed and then changes directions explosively with the hop step to get to the basket.  Has the tools to be a terrific rebounding guard and a defender who can guard both back-court positions.  Lot of talent here.  He needs to an establish an identity as a player and decide what his plan of attack is going to be when he takes the floor.

Kevin LaFrancis - '12 - 6'6 PF - Acton-Boxborough HS
- Left-handed big man who was effective all day facing up from the mid-range and knocking down shots.  He goes hard to the boards and is a solid post defender who definitely has next-level potential.

Connor Merrinder - '15 - 6'5 PF - Andover
- Young freshman big man who stretched out to 6'5 over the summer.  He enters high school with a strong body which he uses well to finish around the basket.  Also has the ability to step out and shoot it efficiently from the mid-range.  He is already pretty good on offense, but he is even better on the glass and defensively, where he'll rotate to challenge shots or look to step in to take a charge.

Ben Judson - '15 - 6'3 G - St Johns Prep
- Long left-handed guard from St Johns Prep who attacks with the dribble and looks to create.  Lots of potential.

Marcos Echavvaria - '15 - 5'7 PG - St Johns Prep
- Excellent quickness and a tight handle, he will be valuable for SJP this winter as he adjusts his game to the varsity level.

Randy Glenn - '15 - 5'10 G - New Mission
- Speedy left-handed guard with an explosive first step.  It's already very difficult for defenders to stay in front of this youngster.

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