Sunday, September 11, 2011

BHFS Player Updates

Colin Richey continues to develop
Beantown Hoops Fall Shootout - Player Updates
- Jake Layman made his first public playing appearance since committing to Maryland earlier in the week and he looked outstanding.  The scary thing about him is that he is only just beginning to scratch the surface of his immense potential.  As Layman continues to develop, the Andre Kirilenko comparison seems to fit more.  Who knows, maybe Layman will end up being better.

- Steve Haladyna looks to have picked up an August inch and is now a barefoot 6'5..  He was his usual self all day, scoring the ball consistently in a variety of ways and heading to the glass hard on both ends.

- Colin Richey was impressive yesterday.  Word is he worked his tail off this summer and it shows.  He looks faster and his foot speed has caught up with his game.  He also looked more explosive getting up off the ground and in changing directions off the crossover or hop-step.  Once he gets into a situation where he is consistently playing with players who play at his level, any question marks on Richey will disappear.  He can really play and has a ton of room left to improve.

- Mike Carbone started the day slowly but picked it up as the day wore on and ended up having a monster second half in the Final against New Mission to help the Prep pull out the win.  When he is on his game, Carbone is a cold-blooded sniper not to leave alone on the arc.

- Greg Bridges was terrific for New Mission at the point.  Only a freshman, Bridges is a lightning quick guard with third gear speed who, in terms of ability, will be ready to go right away at the point for Cory McCarthy.  This kid has big-time athleticism, stands about 5'6, dunks with two hands with ease, and he's still just a baby physically.  It's going to be very interesting to see what happens as his body develops towards manhood.

Nate Andersen of New Mission certainly has the physical tools and the natural ability to be a scholarship player.  He needs to develop a plan to take with him every time he takes the floor.

- Freddy Shore was his usual left-handed slashing self for St John's Prep, attacking from the wing and looking to finish athletically at the cup.  Shore also threw down a nice lefty dunk-shot on the breakaway against in New Mission in the Final.

Player Landings coming later today.

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