Friday, October 14, 2011

Basketbull CDC Player Landings

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Columbus Day Challenge Player Landings
- Quincy Mcknight is a long and lanky 6'3 guard with bouncy athleticism, a nice handle, and a terrific feel for the game.  He'll lead the break up the gut of the defense and create an easy transition scoring opportunity for a teammate or can also get out and run the lane on the break and finish noisily above the rim.  In CBC's second game on Saturday afternoon, Q-Mac rudely treated the rim like a jungle-gym.  Anxious to get a closer look, but as a skilled, long athletic guard with a chapel ceiling, this kid is an emerging real-deal prospect.

- Zavia Williams is a no-conscience, high-energy scoring guard with a wiry frame and the ability to put the ball in the hole from all over the floor.  Good speed and quickness with burst. Smooth and bouncy.  Williams shoots the three-ball, puts in in from the mid-range, and attacks the basket off the dribble at 100mph.  He is capable of putting points up in a hurry and is not shy.  Hasn't developed yet physically.

- CBC big man Jaelin Robinson was very impressive on Saturday.  He is about 6'7 with a big, hulking frame and a high-end motor.  Despite his big frame, Robinson is quite an athlete.  He runs the floor hard and will finish with a loud dunk.  He is also very active at both ends on the glass and he aggressively challenges shots in the paint.  As his skills develop and his body and game mature, Robinson could become a force.

- Will Herndon was an undersized 6'3 power forward with hops for UMass in the early 90's and captain for the Minutemen when they made it to the Sweet 16 of the NCAA Tournament in '92, John Calipari's first appearance as a head coach in the Big Dance.  Herndon was relentless in battling bigger players and was known for his crowd-pleasing rim-rockin' finishes.  Well, this weekend, while playing for the RI Hawks 16s, 6'3 forward ZDahmond Dale '14 reminded of a left-handed Will Herndon, battling against bigger players to hold his own on the boards, playing consistently at a high altitude, and attacking the rim south-paw off the catch or alley-oop.

- Rivals freshman big man Ryan Noel is a player who improved by leaps and bounds over the summer.  He looked stronger and played with poise and confidence.  Throughout the weekend, he played an efficient game, rebounding hard on both ends, handling the ball against full-court pressure, and feeding his fellow big men for easy hoops.

- Boston Spartans freshman Elijah Small is a talented, vocal, hard-nosed guard who plays a savvy offensive game in which he uses his handle to get to the basket or get into his efficient mid-range pull-up game.  Small can shoot the three and also knows how to distribute the basketball.  He is a feisty competitor who likes a fast-paced game and will get up in your grille defensively.

Sultan Oleskun did a very nice job running the point for the Rivals.  Previously, we have mainly seen him play in a 'stable of guards' environment, and as an unselfish player, he was often content to play off the ball and let other talented teammates operate offensively.  Well, this weekend, Sultan showed that, when he is given the keys to the car, he is a terrific floor general who can efficiently run a fast-paced attack while also possessing the ability to score the rock from the point.

- Brian Mukasa is a change-of-pace left-handed point guard who plays with poise against pressure and makes good decisions with the basketball.  He is terrific on the secondary-break, where he looks to attack creases in the defense at an angle, occasionally getting to the hoop to finish but more often feeding a teammate spotting up on the arc or on the move towards the basket.  With his efficient, high IQ game and his calm on-court demeanor, Mukasa is a player who serves as a steadying influence on a talented team.

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