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BST Hoops Player Evaluations

BST releases Player Evaluations

Garet Beal (Team:ME)-Event-MVP 6’-6”  200pds,  Pos. 2-3   Class: 2013    School:  Jonesport-Beals...A great young man, who has a tremendous basketball IQ, Mr. Beal continues to impress and prove why he is one of the top prospects in the New England class of 2013.  Garet a true junior still has potential to fill, and has the work ethic to make that happen. Garet has a complete offensive skill set, he is able to knockdown shots from distance, as well as bring defenders on the block and either finish or distribute for others. On defense he has the uncanny ability to anticipate, jump lanes and create turnovers, doing this numerous times in the semi-finals and finals, leading his team to the 2011 Championship.  We look forward to watching Garet continue in his development. 

Harry Rafferty (Team:ME) 6’-0”   180pds,   Pos. 1-2   Class: 2012  School: Berwick Academy...Mr. Raffery Continued his explosion onto the recruiting scene, a relative unknown a year ago, Harry continues to prove he is a legitimate collegiate prospect.  This weekend Harry displayed his lethal knockdown shot, as he collected buckets in bunches, also displayed improved ball skills, as Harry often handled the rock for Team Maine, down the stretch of games, against constant defensive pressure from quicker more athletic guards.                       

Colin Richey (Team:W-MA) 6’-0”  175pds,  Pos. 1-2   Class: 2013    School: Whitinsville Christian...Colin showed a tremendous feel for the game, showing great lead guard skills, along with the ability to score points, weather knocking down consistent jump shots or hitting mid range pulls up.  Colin has already been receiving college interest, that will only continue as Colin continues to work and develop.                           

Elijah Okabare (Team:Boston/Metro-MA)  6’-7”  220pds, Pos. 4-5  Class: 2012...A solid big, Elijah showed a nice feel for the game, and displaying some descent footwork on the post. Elijah impacted games mostly by rebounding, always putting himself in position to get easy put backs or defensive rebounds to start the break.  Also runs the floor well, an improved motor would serve Elijah very well.  
Macam Bak (Team:Boston/Metro-MA)  6’-10”  220pds.  Pos. 4-5   Class:2012...When you speak of upside, Mr. Bak is surely one that should be mentioned, far n away had the most upside of all 70 prospects in attendance.  Macam is 6’10” with a wing span that probably stretches out to about 7’7”, displayed some nice footwork, with a nice feel for the game, making quick reads of the defense and making a move based on that read, also showed a very smooth, feathery touch out to 22 ft.  Continued work on learning post seals, along with being more consistent attacking the basket with conviction and this young man, could skyrocket. Macam generated a ton of interest from both prep/college coaches, that will only continue as he continues to develop.                  

Aary Bibbens (Team:Vermont) 6’-3”  180pds.    Pos. 2-3   Class:2013  School: Mount Anthony Union...UNDERRATED!!! Every once in a while, even in today’s day and age of exposure showcases, and internet availability a kid can slip through the cracks, count Mr. Bibbens as one of them.  Probably the best collegiate prospect in VT, Aary is NO where to be found on any rankings,  well that should start to change as a lot of coaches took notice this weekend, gaining much interest from  D-2  schools, as well as some prep schools.  Aary is a strong athletic guard, who finishes well at the basket and can crash the boards with the trees, can also stroke it consistently out to about 18 ft and has a real nice feel for the game. More importantly he is a winner, wants to work and do what it takes for his team to win.  With still a lot of upside/potential to be filled this young man, could really explode over the next year.                  

Donnovan Hastings (Toronto) 6’5”  185pds.   Pos. 3-4    Class: 2013  School: Notre Dame Catholic...Another young man who showed he has a ton of potential and coaches took notice.  Donnovan is a long athletic 3-4, who runs the floor like a deer, has a great motor and loves to attack the rim weather off rebounds or off the dribble. He can step out and stroke it as well, out to about 15ft. More of a face up  4 right now, with continued work on ball skills and on the ball decision making, Donnovan would project as more of a 3 at the next level.  We look forward to following Mr. Hastings as he continues his development, and hopefully maximizes his upside.         

Javon Williams (Team:NH-Seniors) 6’-0”  180pds.  Pos. 2-3   Class: 2012   School: Nashua North...A great young man, who has undeniable athleticism he is considered undersized for a next level 2-3, however Mr. Williams posses a college ready body, with the strength and athleticism to be a great 2-3 at the D-2 level.  Javon put on a display all weekend with his ability to attack the basket off the dribble, and finish over or under bigs, can also stroke it as well.  A focus on a more consistent jump shot along with improved off the ball decision making and Javon will improve greatly.  Both college and prep coaches took notice of Javon’s abilities with continued improvement and he will have some great opportunities.           

Levi Barnes (Team Maine) 6’-2” 175pds.  Pos. 2 Class:2012   School: Skowegan School...A very young, very athletic two guard that attacks the rim with conviction, Levi proved himself to be one the premier prospects for the next level. Possessing a great basketball IQ Mr. Barnes is always in the right place at the right time. Defensively Levi has a good understanding of one/one situational defense as well as team defensive concepts. If Levi continues to work on his on the ball and off the ball skills, along with increasing his motor, he could take his game to the next level.

Ryan Gauthier (NH-Seniors) 6’-1” 180pds.  Pos. 1-2  Class:2012   School: Nashua North...Gauthier is a dynamic floor general, who when focused can really pick apart the opposing defense with his explosive attack the paint dribble. This weekend Ryan often made good decisions with the fall putting his teammates in a great position to score.  Ryan also has the ability to put up points, has a nice stroke out to three point land, but can and will succeed with the mid-range game.  On defense Ryan has the ability to turn his man, often making it difficult for them to make passes and/or score.                         

Riyad Asad (Team W-MA) 6’-3”  175pds.  Pos. 2  Class: 2013   School: West Springfield School...A quick, strong two guard, Riyad has shown the ability to both attack the rim and knock down shots in bunches.  Mr. Asad can impact the game from many angles, including defensively when he remains active.  A focus on a more consistent motor and off the ball skills and Riyad, could really bring his recruitment to the next level.

Jovan Leamy (Toronto) 6’-3” 190pds.  Pos. 2  Class: 2013...Jovan is a very strong two guard, who has a real nice feel for the game, he moves well off the ball, displaying the ability to be in the right spots at the right time.  Jovan attacks the rim with body control often finishing through contact for and 1 finishes.  Leamy can also stretch defenses with his ability to knock down shots, especially in crunch time, where Javon often down the home stretch of games demanded the ball, making a play to put his team in the best position to win. Defensively he has a good understanding of one/one defense as well as the team defense concept, helping when needed.  Jovan is currently looking to attend a prep school here in the US.

Kamahl Walker (NH-Seniors) 6’-0”  175pds.  Pos. 1-2  Class: 2012  School: Portsmouth School...Kamahl has improved leaps and bounds over the last year, to his credit he has put in a ton of work and it is really coming to the surface.  A quick aggressive lead guard, who can also stretch defenses with his ability to consistently knockdown the three ball.  This weekend Mr. Walker showed the ability to adapt to situations, sliding to the two spot, to accommodate his teams needs, in doing so he displayed the ability to be successful at that position, knocking down shots, and attacking the rim for finishes or making a nice read to set up a teammate.  A young senior, Kamahl is really starting to come into his body, combine that with his tremendous work ethic and there is no doubt he will be showcasing a college uniform in the future.

Chad Copeland (Team-VT)  6’6” 200pds.  Pos. 4-3  Class: 2012  School: Twinfield School...A very fundamentally sound forward, Chad is a great college prospect, who still has a ton of upside. Displaying a very adept skill set, that you would like to see in a lot of players, Chad is very good on and off the ball, can score from the post or from the perimeter, making him a tough guard. The one thing Chad must improve on to make an impact at the next level is strength, if Mr. Copeland can improve his strength he will without doubt make a big impact on the college level.

Tom Nason (NH-UG)  6’- 10”  230pds.  Pos. 5  Class: 2013  School: Berwick Academy...If we had to make a list of young men with the greatest upside, Mr.Nason just might be #2 on the that list, right behind another big (Macam Bak), coming off from his first real summer of workouts with Integrity Hoops, Tom has improved leaps and bounds in a very short amount of time and with his work ethic, that will only continue.  Tom is very long and showed the beginning fundamental skill set that will set him aside moving forward. A continued focus on strength and a 12 to 15 ft. shot and Tom will be a nightmare for opposing defenses.  On defense Tom showed the ability to block/ alter shots, without excessive foul trouble, with continued work he will only become more imposing to offenses.  We look forward to watching Tom’s development as he fills into his body.

Mike McDevitt (Team-Maine) 6’-6”  190pds.  Pos. 4-5  Class: 2014  School:  Greely School...Mike is a young big, who the few times we have seen him, just keeps getting better, as he becomes more and more comfortable with the speed and strength of the game.  This weekend Mike opposed a lot of older bigs and more than held his own, weather finishing nice post moves or snagging rebounds.  Mike displayed a nice array of footwork both offensively and defensively, couple that with his ability to step away from the basket and knockdown the 12-15 jumper and the future looks very bright. Continued work on over-all skill set and body strength and Mike will continue to climb the class of 2014 rankings.

CJ Iozza (NH-UG) 6’-3” 185pds.  Pos. 2-3  Class: 2014  School: Proctor Academy...We have had the opportunity to work with CJ often and as he fills into his rapidly developing body, he just keeps getting more and more dangerous for opposing defenses and offenses.  CJ has the innate ability to feel the game out, not rush things and make great decisions on and off the ball. Mr. Iozza has a very smooth catch and release jumper that is sniper like on the release, making it tough for defenders to stop.  Continued work on ball skills and body strength and CJ will continue to fulfill his great potential. CJ is a tremendous young man, who understands what it takes to be successful, we look forward to watching him mature and becoming a legit college prospect.

Tanner Hyland (Team-Maine) 6’-2”  170pds.  Pos. 1  Class: 2013  School: South Portland School...Tanner comes from a basketball family and it shows each and every time he steps on the court. A true lead guard, who has a throwback style, Tanner has a solid on the ball skill set and understanding for creating space with his dribble to ward off quicker defenders. Tanner often makes the proper decision with the ball, putting his team in position to succeed. Like his brother(Keegan) he can also knock down the three ball, displaying a quick release, knocking down shots in bunches when he gets in rhythm. A focus on upper body strength, and overall skill development and Mr. Hyland will continue to fill into his upside.

Ian Sistare (NH-UG)  6’-2”   175pds.  Pos. 2   class: 2015    School: Trinity School...A true freshman, Mr. Sistare was the youngest participant in the Northeast Exposure Showcase and again showed why he is one of the premier players in the New England class of 2015.  Ian is a natural two guard who also possess the skills to play the PG spot if needed.  With the ability to stretch defenses with his quick release jumper, Ian is an instant threat on the floor.  Ian also has the inept ability to see the floor very well, often seeing plays develop much quicker than most, allowing him to dictate the play.  The one thing that really separates Ian from his peers is his strength, he is able to compete physically with older kids, add that with his on the ball and off the ball skill set and you have a recipe for success.  A focus on one/one defensive development and along with continued work on overall ball skills and Ian will continue to climb that recruiting ladder.  With Ian’s work ethic, there is a high probability of success.

Jonathan Wallace (Toronto) 6’-0”  175pds.  Pos. 2   Class: 2013   School: Ascension of Our Lord School...Mr. Wallace is another in a long list of athletic guards from Toronto, the thing that separates him is his ability to score in bunches, the best natural scorer on Team Toronto Jonathan can knockdown the deep ball consistently but also contains the quickness and strength to attack the basket with conviction. A bit undersized for a college level two, if Jonathan focuses on ball skills and decision making to become an effective combo guard he will without doubt become a desired collegiate prospect.  We enjoyed watching Mr. Wallace compete this weekend as he competes with a ton of energy and we look forward to his progression over the next year.

Trevor Glassman (NH-UG) 6’-0” 190pds.   Pos. 1-2   Class: 2012    School: Bedford School...Mr. Glassman put on his hard hat about a year ago and went to work as he sensed his high school career coming to a close, he wanted to ensure he will continue on at the next level.  Trevor has worked very hard over the last year making himself a complete, stronger player and displayed his more confident skill set this weekend, as he knocked down 3 balls from about 24ft consistently all weekend.  Also showing a stronger frame, Trevor was able to compete against bigger prospects finishing through contact weather finishing at the basket or completing an off the dribble move without being knocked off balance.   It was great to see Trevors hard work pay off, we look forward to seeing his progression as he continues his journey to success.  

Jacob Bushee (Team-Vermont) 6’-5”  200pds.  Pos. 4   Class: 2012...A relative unknown coming into this weekend, we really like what we saw of Jacob. A fierce competitor who displayed a solid skill set on and off the ball.  Jacob did a nice job creating space in the post to operate, both offensively and for rebounding, also displayed an overall nice basketball IQ being in the proper spots at the appropriate times.  Jacob will be a nice addition to a college team, doing all the right things efficiently.

Marcus Swedberg (Team-NH-Seniors) 6’-9”  210pds.   Pos. 4  Class: 2012    school...A highly skilled big, who has the versatility to step away from the basket and produce, can stroke it out to about 15/17 ft. consistently.  Has a high basketball IQ, and nice feel for the game.  With extra focus on bringing up the RPM’s on his motor along with continued ball skills and Mr. Swedberg will be a very attractive collegiate prospect.  Proving the type of young man that Marcus is we have no doubt he will conintue to progress at rapid rate.

Andrew Cartwright (Team-Maine) 6’-6”  200pds.  Pos. 4-3    Class: 2014    School: Nokomis School...We have had the fortune of seeing Andrew a few times and we really like what we see, he is on the cusp of really breaking out.  A big long, athletic 3-4 who is agile enough to progress very quickly, upside defines this young man.  Andrew showed some tremendous flashes this weekend of what is to come, he projects as more of a face up four and maybe even a 3 if he continues develop his ball/footwork skills.  A continued focus on strength/agility and ball skills, along with an increased motor and Andrew could really breakout on the regional recruiting scene.

Roger Paul (Boston-MA) 6’3 - 180pds.  SG - Class: 2012   West Roxbury HS
Boston is known for attacking guards, Roger falls right in line with that assessment.  Roger likes to attack the rim with conviction, sometimes to a fault, as he gets tunnel vision at times.  He showed signs of being a solid threat from distance, if he focuses on learning how to move off the ball, he could become a nightmare for opposing defenses. 

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