Friday, October 7, 2011

Columbus Day Challenge Preview #4

The Odyssey Continues for Kahlil Dukes
CBC 17s
- Tomorrow officially marks the beginning of the Post-Andre Drummond/Kris Dunn/Ethan O'Day/Timajh Parker-Rivera Era for CBC, and while this certainly was a once-in-a-lifetime group, there is plenty of talent still remaining in the CBC well.  Here's a look at what they return: Sean Obi '13, Jaquan Harrison '13, and Jaelin Robinson '14, and Obi Momah '14 down low - Jared Wilson-Frame '14 and Quincy McKnight '14 on the wings - and a stable of talented guards with Kahlil Dukes '13, Levy Gillespie '14, Bernard Brantley '13, and Winston Morgan '14.  We'll see what this CBC squad looks like tomorrow at Conn College.  A couple of these guys are poised to take off as prospects.

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