Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Middlesex Magic FC Report: Part IV

Thorpedo looks to be on a mission
Middlesex Magic Player Report
- Kyle Reardon looked like he has taken another developmental step since we saw him last at the Basketbull Hall of Fame National Invitational in early July.  On Saturday, he knocked down a pocket-full of trey balls, displayed an improved handle, attacked the basket efficiently from the wing, and also really broke out in terms of showing his ability as a distributor of the basketball.  When you combine his evolving game with his innate basketball IQ, his leadership qualities, and his toughness, Reardon looks to be in good shape as a prospect.

- Mike Thorpe has added 7-10 lbs of muscle to his frame since the beginning of the summer and it has made a major impact on his game.  Thorpe has always been cat-quick with a great first-step, but in the past, this speed was often neutralized by a defender bumping him off his move to the basket. But this weekend, with his new frame, instead of getting derailed, Thorpe was bouncing off the same contact and continuing his move towards the basket.  His new-found strength has also taken Thorpe's explosiveness to the next level.  According to Middlesex Magic head coach Mike Crotty, "Michael's first step and burst left defenders in the dust all weekend long.  He finished multiple times high above the rim with dunks, and he tracked down, and pinned multiple shots above the rim on defense."  With the physical gains he has made, Thorpe is at the top of his game at the right time. 

- Tykei Hallman is a real pogo-stick artist who played above the rim all weekend, throwing down a number of louds bangs and challenging shots at their acme.  The combination of Hallman and Jake Layman at the forward spots makes King Philip a Mass D2 favorite.

-  What really stood out about Peter Miller this weekend was the way he was running the floor and challenging shots.  He also looks stronger and is playing with more physicality in the lane.  Big year of development in progress for Miller at Northfield Mt Hermon.

- Also impressive for the Magic were big man Andrew Baron '13 and guard Mickey Adams '13.  Baron is a lunch-pail big who rebounds the ball hard and plays a jump-hook game in the post.  Adams is a high IQ guard who fills it up from long range and consistently makes efficient decisions with the basketball.

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