Tuesday, August 9, 2011

West Central Mass Super-Seven

Got a free afternoon, a car, & a tank of gas? Take a road trip through Central Mass & hit 7 prep schools with serious programs in one afternoon.  Let's take a look at the basketball squads of these 7 Schools which make up the West Central Mass Super-Seven.  Help me fill in these Rosters if you possess knowledge that the Spaceship does not.

St Marks
Kaleb Tarczewski - Claremont, NH
Nick Stauskas - Ontario, Canada
Eric Green - Arizona
Jaymie Spears - Georgetown, MA
Eli Lubick - Southborough, MA
Aaron Falzon - Newton, MA 
Aaron Mclean - Hudson, MA

Worcester Academy
Rene Castro - Milton, MA
Thomas Rivard
Canaan Severin - Marlborough, MA
Olivier Paul Betu
Matt Cimino - Cheverus, Maine

Wilbraham & Monson
Kris Dunn - New London, CT
Jaylen Brantley - Springfield, MA
Robinson Vilmont - Everett, MA
Kamali Bey - Springfield, MA
Joey O'Connell

Northfield Mount Hermon
Ethan O'Day - CT
Evan Cummins - Westborough, MA
Lucas Van Nes - England
Dakeeba Battee - Australia
Tommy Carpenter
Peter Miller - Winchester, MA
Obi Momah - CT
Jeremy Miller - Milton, MA

Winchendon Prep
Akosa Maduegbunam
Dennis Green
Tevin Falzon - Newton, MA
Tom Bajda - Stratford, CT

Cushing Academy
Andrew Chrabascz - Portsmouth, RI
Kaleb Joseph - Nashua, NH
Idris Taqqee

Notre Dame Prep
Ricky Ledo - Providence, RI
Sam Cassell Jr - Baltimore
Myles Davis - (Xavier)
Jamie Holder - Milford, NH

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