Saturday, August 27, 2011

Boston College Prospect Camp Recap

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BC Prospect Camp Brings Out Talent
- The BC Prospect Clinic, (for rising juniors and below), went down today in the Power Gymnasium at the Conte Forum in Chestnut Hill.  The talent-level measured high on the Richter Scale, with players such as Noah Vonleh, Jacquil Taylor, Maurice Taylor, Jeff Spellman, Aaron Calixte, Patrick Benzan, Matt Cimino, EJ Rogers, Andrew Chrabascz, Adrien Oliveira, and more.  But in terms of the 'Things We Didn't Know Radar', the following five guys stood out today.

Jared Reuter - After an injury plagued year at St Marks, Reuter, in a lot of ways, played catch-up throughout the AAU Season.  Not only was he coming back from injury, he was also playing two years up against some of the best front-lines in the country.  Well, Reuter showed today that he has more than caught back up to the head of the pack.  Today, not only did he command the boards and finish around the basket, he also faced-up from the high-post and attacked with the dribble, finishing through contact and getting to the stripe.  Watch out...Reuter has that little burst back in his step which, combined with his frame and skills, makes him a big-time prospect who has three high-major offers headed into his freshman year of high school.

Kaleb Joseph - In the world of basketball, the life of any young guard is a life of who's hot and who's not.  After a Luke-warm Summer, today Kaleb Joseph turned the hot water on.  The first thing that strikes you about KJ is his length.  He stands 6'2 or 6'3, but he has long-loping arms which allow him to play much bigger.  Along with his length, he has a long, lean frame and wide-receiver speed.  In terms of his game, he can handle, shoot and possesses a nice elbow pull-up game.  But his real talents right now are his ability to explosively change directions and his ability to slash to the basket from the guard spot and attack the rim. Today, he changed directions and beat his man with the crossover dribble numerous times.  On a few other occasions, he beat his man with his dribble, drawing help, and then slipped the help with an explosive hop-step before finishing at the basket.  On another play, KJ brought the ball over the left-side of half-court on the secondary-break at 3/4 speed before blowing by his man at the hash with the right hand and fast-forwarding a two-dribble slash to the cup before drawing a defender and dropping an easy dime to a teammate for a cupcake.   Easy basketball.  On another play, Joseph caught an outlet pass and quickly advanced the ball up the floor to a teammate, who subsequently took the rock to the cup.  Kaleb trailed the play hard, and when his teammate's shot attempt popped up off the rim in front of the basket, KJ was there, his head near rim level, to grab the ball and throw down an emphatic two-hand put back dunk which many mistook for one of this afternoon's many rumbles of thunder.  In regard to his defensive ability, with his length, foot-speed, and athleticism, all you do is just not your head.  It's just a matter of matching his ability to his defensive attitude.  This kid is just learning the game.  As he develops his skills and gains an understanding of how to best match his package with his game, this rising sophomore is a sure-fire D1 Prospect.

Steven Cook - There was one guy from out of town who had everyone asking, "Who's that?"  THAT was 6'4 combo guard Steven Cook from New Trier HS outside of Chicago.  Cook has a tight handle and a picture-perfect 'Midwest shooting-stroke.  He attacks with the dribble and then uses his hops to go up and attack the basket, possessing the ability to go to the rim with two hands or wait out a shot-blocker in mid-air before finishing on the other side of the rim.  According to Mom, Cook has seen recruiting interest from schools like BC, Stanford, Harvard & Yale.

Jeremy Miller - Wing-span measurement on this guy.  He's 6'9 goin' on 6'10 and his arms are as long as the Nile.  He might have a 7'5 or 7'6 ft wing-span to go along with his soft touch, his agility, and his instincts.  Today, Miller also showed an extended range on his shot and is displaying more exlosion when gettin' up off of two feet.  New Hampton is going to have three or four 7-ft plus wing-span guys this year.
Cane Broome - In terms of a ball-handling guard, Broome took the award for the Performer of the Day.  He had people in this stands whispering about an aroma of a left-handed Shabbazz Napier in the air as he cut up the defense throughout the session with his flavorful stop-and-go/pull-back game.  He also showed his Damon Stoudamire-flavored lefty shooting stroke, knocking down long threes and putting to work his smooth fast-food pull-up game.  When you combine his skills with his court vision and basketball IQ, you have an exciting prospect on your hands.

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