Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Welcome to New England: Evan Maschmeyer

From the Basketball Heartland

Monster-Masch Headed to New Hampton
- Yesterday, we highlighted Barrington Alston, a big-man from Delaware who is committed to Towson and is headed to New Hampton.this Fall.  Alston is an important piece for Pete Hutchins because he gives New Hampton a true pivot-man down low.  Well, today, we introduce a player who fills another piece for Hutchins.  Enter Evan Maschmeyer, a 6'4 combo-guard from jefferson, Indiana who is a high IQ player with a picture-perfect Hoosier shooting stroke and a crisp handle.  With his high-level court-vision, Masch is an outstanding facilitator out on the floor and should be an exciting fit playing alongside the athletic trio of Vonleh, Terrell, and Auguste.

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