Friday, August 12, 2011

New Zealand Phenom Coming to New England

6'11 Blue-Collar Athlete - Ceiling is the Sky

Steven Adams Transfers in to Notre Dame Prep
 (Read in a British accent)

"Buzz...come down here."

"Yes Father, what is it?"

"Go out into the Jungle & find some more wood..It's going to be freezing this Winter & I really want to get this fire cracklin' since we're having so many guests."

"Yes Father."

Buzz goes outside & returns an hour later.

"Well, what have you got boy?

"I brought in Steven Adams from New Zealand Father, he is committed to Pittsburgh.  He is the real-deal.  Definite Pro.  He has a big rugged frame and possesses explosive athleticism and a soft touch.  He is just in the beginning phases of his development.  It'll be interesting to see an inside-outside combination of Steven Adams & Ricky Ledo."

"That'll do just fine Buzz, go treat yourself to a snack."

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