Monday, August 8, 2011

Options: The Andre Drummond Situation

-For everyone out there who is confused by the whole Andre Drummond situation, here is the breakdown.  Since he completed his high school graduation requirements last year at St. Thomas More, Drummond is eligible to enroll in college this fall and participate in Athletics right away.  Therefore, he has two options...go to Prep School or go to College.  But here's the catch, since he fulfilled his High School Graduation requirements during the 2010-11 Academic Year, Drummond is eligible for the 2012 NBA Draft either way.  So if he were stay in High School, there is a high possibility that he never plays college ball.

The only scenario in which I could see Drummond stay in high school is if he were to join Kris Dunn at Wilbraham & Monson.  Otherwise, you got to think he's Mahatma Gandhi to either UConn, Kentucky, Georgetown, or North Carolina.

Multiple News Outlets are reporting that Drummond will announce his intentions this Wednesday on his birthday.  The Spaceship will be waiting.

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