Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Five Questions on the Mind in Early August

London Olympics of 2012 for Ledo?

Five Questions As August Begins
- Where will Andre Drummond be this Fall?  Despite the denials, I am still predicting he ends up at Wilbraham & Monson, but that's based on a crystal ball rather than information.

- When will Kaleb Tarczewski make his decision between North Carolina, Kansas, and Arizona?  The word has been that he would make a decision in early August, so the warning sirens are on...The prediction here is Kansas...another Crystal Ball Prediction based on spirits, not info.

- Who is the front-runner for Jake Layman?  Florida? Syracuse? Maryland? Who?

- Whats up with Ricky Ledo?  When will he decide on a college program?  Providence?  UConn?  Kentucky?  No prediction here, the crystal ball came out foggy.

- Will any other big name players transfer in to a New England Prep School in August?  So far, players like Mitch McGary, Deonte Burton, Myles Davis, Nick Stauskas, Chris Thomas, TJ Warren, Jamel Artis, Dacquain McNeil, Samuel Dingba, Oliver Hanlon and more (I'm sure I missed a few, lo ciento if it's you) have already punched their tickets to come to the Gauntlet next month.  Who else will join?

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