Saturday, January 28, 2012

ESPN releases 'Top 25 HS players in the country'

4 Native-New Englanders in ESPN overall top 25
Native-NE accounts for 16% of ESPN Overall Top 25
- This week, ESPNU released its' Top 25 regardless of class. Check out below what ESPN Recruiting Nation had to say about the four native-New Englanders + a New England-Import that made the list.

Nerlens Noel - "He's in the family of Dwight Howard, Greg Oden and Anthony Davis when it comes to blocking shots. If he played one-handed, he'd still be the best shot-blocker in high school basketball, and, now that his offense is coming along, he's in the debate for top overall prospect."

Kaleb Tarczewski - "Children of the 1980s will draw immediate comparisons between Tarczewski and the character Ivan Drago from "Rocky IV." However, Drago couldn't dominate the lane like Kaleb and didn't have the hook shot he owns."

Steven Adams - "There isn't a guy we know less about -- but are as excited to watch develop -- than Adams. He comes from a huge family in New Zealand in which all of his brothers also are 6-10 or taller. He's been in the country only a few weeks, but we're already thinking he'll help Pitt turn around its fortunes next year."

 Wayne Selden - "A health scare derailed his summer last year, but he's been dominant since then. His athleticism rivals his ability to score, and, so far as a sophomore, he's been a showman with his passing and overall package."

Noah Vonleh - "He's on a really short list of best rebounders in the country. Vonleh's gift is his versatility and work ethic. He sits squarely on the fence as a power forward or small forward, and that's no big deal. His talent level has him in the conversation for top prospect in his class."

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