Sunday, January 15, 2012

Tilton vs ND Prep: Instant Classic at the Kroc

Big Game Wayne stepped up with another clutch 30 piece
 BABC Prep Classic/MLK Weekend Intro
- Yesterday at the BABC Prep Classic at the Boston Kroc Center, Tilton squeaked out a 90-86 win over Notre Dame Prep in a thriller in front of an electric crowd.  It was a tight, see-saw game throughout, but in the end, with Tilton down one and 15 seconds left on the clock, Kevin Crescenzi hit a huge trey-ball to give Tilton their first lead of the last few minutes and the Tilt held on for the win...Twitter feed from the game is below, (start from the bottom up)...Full report will be up later.  There has been no time to type with the Pats Game last night and now the road to the Hoophall in Springfield this morning.  Get with the Spaceship on Twitter or stay patient and we'll be back tonight with more on this game and also everything else which has transpired on the hardwood in New England these past few days.

Twitter Feed
- George makes shot blockers have to go through his wide frame to get to the ball 

-No one better in NE than Georges Niang at squarin up shoulders to the backboard when attackin cup from the baseline

- Selden just keeps killin it in big games..kid's a big "game" hunter..and not talkin bout a ball game..saves his 30 pieces for broadway stage 

- Wayne Selden finishes with 30, Georges Niang 27, Nerlens with 14..for NDP, Myles Davis with 27, Steven Adams with 23, Adonis Filer 18

- Niang ices it with two...Tilton hangs on to win 90-86..hittin the stat table..brb 

- Misses first, misses second, adonis filer takes it the distance and can't get it to go over nerlens..niangg rebounds and is fouled

- Selden with a huge steal off the inbounds..hits it over to bull who gets fouled with 10 secs

- Kevin Crescenzi with a huge trey ball from way downton..tilton up 88-86 with 15 seconds left..ND Prep TO

- 5 second violation..ball back over to tilton

- Myles Davis with a fadeaway to mae it 3 pt game followed by a selden kiss in the lane..86-85 NDP with 39 ticks..nd has the ball 

- Myles Davis trey answeres by selden trey..82-81 NDP with 2m

- 79-76 NDP with 3m..selden baseline floater makes it 1 point game 

- Steven Adams better than advertised..real deal...kid oozes maturity..completely unfazed..Tilton down 3 with 4m 

- NDP up 75-74 with 5:25 to play 

- All tied up at 61 with a 11.5m remaining 

- Steven Adams with a loud two hand dunk for his 1st American Flush..58-55 ND Prep with 13m 

- Steven Adams with two buckets in a row and Sam cassell follows with a trey..54-49 NDP up with 16m..look for Georges to take over 

- Danny Ainge and Leo Papile talkin shop on press row, Nerlens Noel has at least a half dozen fly squats & has scored in 3 or 4 different ways 

- 45-40 Tilton up on ND Prep at the break...Selden with 17..Myles Davis has a dozen 

- Tilton vs Notre Dame Prep goin down right now at the BABC Prep Classic at the Kroc Center in Boston 

- Wayne Selden just threw down a crazy one hand hammer plus the harm..he has 13 early..23-19 Tilt with 9:13 left in 1st 

- Cassell with a nice floater off the window..9-4 Tilt...Steven Adams with his first american hoop on an and one

Hurd calls for a iso with guarding Adonis Filer...Filer goes to the hole, Nerlens swats it, Niang goes for 2 hand dunk on other end 

- Selden with a 3 to answer..Nerlens with a finish with the left..throw in a Niang finish and its 7-2 Tilton 

- Tilton vs ND Prep underway..Adonis Filer opens the scoring with a mid-range pull

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