Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Derek Malloy joinin' the breakout

Derek coolin' with Chris Paul last night in New York City
The other side of the lens
- When you think about New England guys in the Class of 2014 who have broken out in 2011, you think about guys such as Wayne Selden, Noah Vonleh Jared Terrell, Kaleb Joseph and more.  Well, here's another one for you...Derek Malloy, a talented 6'0 sophomore from East Greenwich High School in Rhode Island who has followed in the footsteps of Lucas Shapiro '12 and broken out as a one-man-hoops-highlight-mix machine who poetically plants seeds of exposure like a blacksmith in the Wild West.  But making highlight mixes is just one of many magic tricks in Malloy's vault..Here's the addition to mixin' hoops highlights, beginning this weekend at the NERR National Prep Showcase in Connecticut, Derek's also gonna be steppin' out from behind the camera to begin shooting footage for a triple top-secret, soon-to-be unveiled video project.  When asked about the nature of the project, Malloy responded with a statement reading...

 "I make videos to document the powers that individual players possess and this weekend in Connecticut, I'm giving my viewers the chance to see something unknown to the general public. 2eZ"

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