Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Wilbraham & Monson Preview

New project ahead for Jaylen Brantley
Guard-Heavy Titans set to break ice
- Early in August, it looked like Jaylen Brantley '13 would be getting the keys to a limited-edition Chevy Tahoe tricked out with Andre Drummond and Kris Dunn.  But after everything played out, Dunn opted to remain at New London HS and Drummond decided to reverse-reclassify and head to UCONN rather than do a post grad year.  Despite the fact that the LE Tahoe was not to be at Wilbraham & Monson, J-Brant will still be pushin' a dangerous ride which will be quite capable of doin' damage in the NEPSAC Class AA.  Let's take a look...

In Brantley, WMA head coach Chris Sparks has a special floor general who knows how to maximize the ability of the specific team around him.  He'll be joined in the back-court by fast-paced German senior guard Maodo Lo, a talented 6'3 ballplayer who'll likely end up at a mid or high major school.  (Watch his video) Behind Brantley and Lo, WMA will have quality back-court depth with Robinson Vilmont '12 coming off the bench and also contending for minutes will be Alex Ramone '12 from Spain along with Brandon McKenna and Mike Mendes....Out on the wings, the Titans will have a versatile trio of options in the resurgence-minded Kamali Bey '13, the savvy, glue senior Mike Boornazian, and sophomore sniper Joey O'Connell.  Also in the mix will be talented, physically-strong 6'5 freshman Darnay Gray...Down-low for Chris Sparks will be an inexperienced group of big fellas whose output will likely be the determing factor in how succesful a  ball-club the Titans will be.  The surest entity comes in the form of freshman big-man Marcel Pettway, a 6'5 thumper with long arms and emerging perimiter skills.  Pettway has a great feel for the game and is going to be a tremendous player.  Also pulling shifts on the block will be 7'3 Australian center Mark Overdost '12, a space-eating rebounder with a soft touch around the basket.  Rounding out the Wilbraham n' Monson big man quartet will be 6'9 sophomore wildcard Sadiq Adedeji and the raw but rapidly improving 6'10 Haitian longster Djery Baptiste.

Wilbraham and Monson will play against Winchendon next weekend in CT at the New England Recruiting Report National Prep Showcase.

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