Tuesday, November 15, 2011


"Gimme a french-vanilla iced coffee regular por favor.."
Orange Leaf Notebook
- Bridgton Academy point guard Jarryn Skeete has committed to the University of Buffalo.  Skeete is from the Toronto area and ran with CIA Bounce on the summer circuit.  Meanwhile, also in Maine, Lee Academy senior forward Jean Y'ves Toupane yesterday committed to St Bonaventure......The NERR National Prep Showcase is only a few days away and the Spaceship's finna be rockin' all weekend long fo sho.  Of the 21 games scheduled to be played at the Showcase, 19 will be between a New England school and a non-New England here's the many W's will New England get out of those 19?? Let's get 15..Most teams play two games this weekend but some play one only.  What players will be the top scorers? rebounders? dime-droppers? trey-poppers? rejection agents? pick-pocket artists? charge takers? charlie hustle point earners?...New Hampton is playing against the Harvard JV squad tonight at 8:00 pm at Harvard.

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