Wednesday, November 23, 2011

NERR #NPS Book Report Chapter 5

Brewster Bobcats move to 5-0
- Brewster Academy came into the NERR National Prep Showcase 3-0 and ranked as the #1 team in the country in the Five-Star Rankings. They did not disapoint, going to 2-0 on the weekend to take a 5-0 record into Thanksgiving break. In their first game on Saturday, the Brew Crew squared up against Fishburne Military Academy (VA) and came away with 91-75 victory. TJ Warren led the scoring with 22 points on 10-12 shooting the field. Jakarr Sampson added 20 and 7 rebounds, while Semaj Christon again made statement from the point with 17 points on 6-8 shooting, with 7 dimes and 4 boards. Also for Brewster, Aaron Thomas had 11 points and 5 rebounds, Mitch McGary had 9 points, 8 boards, and 4 steals, and Jalen Reynolds had 10 points (4-5 fg), 4 rebounds, and 2 blocks in 19 minutes of play...In their second game on Sunday morning, Brewster threw down with Massanutten Military Academy (VA) in a ballgame in which Head Coach Jason Smith saw his throughbreds really hit their stride as they shot 61% (41-61 fg) from the floor to cruise to a 95-65 victory. Leading the scoring again was TJ Warren, who dropped 22 (11-18 fg) with 6 boards, while Semaj Christon threw another gem with 18 on 7-9 shooting from the field. Another impressive line came from Jakarr Sampson, who had 20 (8-10 fg) and 7 boards, while Jalen Reynolds had his best offensive effort to date at Brewster with a forceful 15.

- Through five games, Joe Bramanti has quickly proved himself a vital cog in the Brewster Machine. His significance isn't necessrily visible from the box score, but all the small intangibles that Bramanti brings to the table serve as the Elmers which glues together the most talented senior class in the nation. Bramanti is a quality control expert out there on the floor, specializing in guiding his team towards its' own unique potential...Aaron Thomas is gonna be one of the most explosive scorers in New England this season. He has a gorgeous long-rang shooting stroke and lets it go off the dribble or catch-and-shoot.  And keep a fire-extinguisher close by, 'cause this Florida State-bound Cincinnati operator can come to a boil in a hurry. But where Thomas really thrives is in transition, where his elite speed, astronaut body-control, and deft tact make him virtually unstoppable on the run..TJ Warren showed this weekend why he is regarded as one of the top scorers in America as he scored consistently and efficiently in both ballgames. What's most impressive about Warren is the patience he exhibits when pursuing scoring opportunities, adeptly resisting the temptation of forcing his lethal offensive game. Warren also had one of the most celebrated jams of the weekend when he drove baseline and launched off his left foot for a two-hand, rope-swing, and-one hammer-shake. (See video above)...After seeing Mitch McGary three times now, here is what is apparent...First of all, if Mitch eats turkey like he eats space in the paint, then the McGary's may want to think about gettin' a second bird for tomorrow. But here's the thing, in terms of eating space on the floor, McGary does not just sit down and gobble; instead, he violently attacks expensive real estate in the lane as if defending the Castle of Camelot, thwarting enemy territorial advances with his mobile monster frame...Now, on to his game...I don't think M&M has cracked double-figures in scoring in any of the 3 ballgames I've seen so far this year. How can that be? He is one of highest ranked players in America?...Here's why. McGary doesn't care about stats, he only cares about winning, and on this loaded Brewster team, he doesn't necessarily need to score for his team to what does he do? He looks to set up his teammates for scoring opportunities, either with a Redwood screen,  or a feed from the post to cutter or relocating shooter, appearing to gain more satisfaction from seeing a teammate make a play than from making one himself. This, of course, is an admirable trait, but as the season really gets going, look for McGary to turn up the volume on his own offensive game...Semaj Christon is just terrific, plain and simple. He darts from place to place off the dribble like a squirrel scurrying for acorns in the forest, getting wherever he wants to go whenever he wants to go there. Where does he want to go? He mixes it up...He'll wake up the kids with a loud finish at th front-door.  Or he'll get into the mid-range and step into his crisp pull-up game. Or he'll slash into the lane for a game of Float n' Lean. Or maybe most often, he'll attack with the dribble and force the defense to rotate before dropping the ball off to one of the 747s on the runway for Brewster Airlines.  Xavier has a Isabel Gardner museum heist...Semaj is gonna be All-Conference in the A-10...Jalen Reynolds is a guy who, for a variety of reasons, has played far less organized basketball than his peers over the past few years, making him a player still very green in terms of his experience level and development.  That is why this kid is such a scary prospect, because he is already a beast and he hasn't even gotten on to the highway yet. With his raw talent and physical attributes, if he develops efficiently over the next half-decade, he is going to be usin' NBA socks as his Christmas Stockings...Speaking of NBA Christmas Stockings, Jakarr Sampson could likely throwin' those up above the fireplace as well. The more I see Jakarr play, the more he reminds of a longer version of Julian Wright. With his Akron swag, his huge smile, his head-band, his length, his athleticism, his leadership, and his intensity, Jakarr is a legitimate Star.

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