Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Basketbull HOFNI - Rivals and CBC are 17u Co-Champs

- At an NCAA Sanctioned Event such as the Basketbull HOFNI, a team is allowed to play no more than 3 games on a given day.  Therefore, since there were 32 teams in the 17u Elite Single Elimination Bracket,  Co-Champions were declared this afternoon as the Final would have been the fourth game of the day for each remaining team.

Eastern Bracket Champ:  The Mass Rivals defeated the Middlesex Magic by about 10, pulling away in the last few minutes after a close game throughout between two teams who really had a productive few days down in Springfield, getting an opportunity to play in 6 games on the main courts in front of the biggest crowds of college coaches. Without about 6mins left a minutes in the game, Noah Vonleh caught an elbow under his right eye from Anthony Barry (completely unintentional) which gave him a deep gash that forced him to head to Mercy Hospital right away where he took 8 big stitches but is fine.  This is a Big Chip to start the summer for a Rivals squad that played together for the first time together these last few days.  More tomorrow on the 5-1 runs of both the Rivals and the Middlesex Magic.

Western Bracket Champ:  After trailing for the majority of the first half by ten or so points, CBC cut the Lone Peak lead to 6 at halftime, 35-29.  They then asserted control in the 2nd half and methodically engineered a ten point victory over a Lone Peak team from Utah who had people talking all week.  They play high IQ basketball at a wild-west pace with deadly long range shooters.

After a disappointing 0-4 performance at the Adidas Invitational out in Indy last week, CBC got back to work in a major way over the last few days, ending the tournament as the only 17u team to go undefeated on the weekend (6-0).  These guys are really fun to watch because they play the game with so much enthusiasm, passion, and camaraderie.  CBC is now back on track and will remain on the Chip Hunt for the remainder of Live July.

Player Reports and Tournament Notes Galore Tomorrow.

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