Thursday, July 14, 2011

New England Playaz 16s off to Strong Start in Live-July

Calixte adds new dimension to Playaz, makes them legit big-time 16u team.
The Empire Strikes Back
- The new-look New England Playaz 16s are off to a terrific Live-July Start, going 3-1 at the Basketbull HOFNI (before losing to eventual Champion LI Lightning) and then yesterday, at the NERR Showcase in Hartford, the Playaz raised eyebrows by easily handling two squads from big-time programs.  In their 1st game, the Playaz blew out the Juice All-Stars (NYC) by 30, 79-49, led by 24 points each from guards Aaron Calixte and Cane Broom.  In Game Two, the Playaz took down CBC by 14, 82-68, and again, Aaron Calixte and Cane Broom were unstoppable in combining for over 50 points.  

This Playaz Squad plays a fun brand of basketball, with a dangeroud 3-guard attack alongside Jared Reuter as the General in the middle with John Powell as his Lieutenant. The 3-guard attacks features the combination of combo-guard Aaron Calixte, combo-guard Cane Broome, PG Devon Thomas, and combo-guard Adrien Oliviera, (who has not played yet in July due to an elbow but is due to return to play in Vegas.) With the talent on this team, this Playaz Squad is certainly a ball-club which will be tracked by hoards of college coaches during the rest of Live-July, and with the way they are playing, this is also a Club which could do serious damage at the Super 64 in Vegas and AAU Super Showcase in Orlando.  We'll keep you posted.


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