Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Signature Win for Crotty's Middlesex Magic

- I always thought that Middlesex Magic was just a clever name, but maybe there's something more to it.  Last July it was the marvelous story of Pat Connaughton.  Now, this July, Mike Crotty Jr.'s Middlesex Magic seem to be experimenting with sorcery again.  Earlier tonight in the 1st Round of the Basketbull HOFNI, the MM went up against a Terry Porter Elite squad which is ranked #9 in the Five-Star Top 25 and had knocked off the NE Playaz a few hours earlier.  Coming off this big win, TPE was the heavy favorite going into the ball game...but no one told that to the Middlesex Magic.  From the opening -tip, they played as if they were the favorites, sustaining a lead throughout the game and holding off a furious TPE comeback to hold on for a two point victory.  

Anthony Barry led the Magic out of the gate with a big first half and Joey Glynn and Peter Miller were terrific throughout, dominating the paint for stretches at a time and both Glynn and Miller each had a few loud two-handed dunk shots.

Mike Thorpe did a nice of job of handling the ball against the relentless pressure of the TPE guards, particularly after PG Cooper Ainge left with a rolled ankle.  Also key for the MM were Corcoron, Connor Mahoney, and Connor Reardon.  The Magic play in the Sweet 16 tomorrow morning against Raising Champions out of NY.


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