Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Noah Vonleh to be on MTV's 'Sweet 16' in late August?

If he keeps growing at the same rate, Vonleh will have a wing-span of 14.5 ft by age 30.

Vonleh to be on MTV's 'Sweet 16' in August?
Ummm, no, that show was discontinued a while ago, but Vonleh will celebrate his 16th birthday in late August, and that is one of the reasons why every college coach who lays eyes on him raises his eyebrows...because Vonleh oozes talents like Slimer oozed 'Slime' in Ghostbusters and oh yeah, he's 6'8 with a 7'3 wing-span.  Recently re-classified to the Class of 2014, Vonleh is rated #10 by ESPN in the Class of 2014 and last week attended the Lebron James Skills Acandemy for the Top 80 Players in the Country not named Adidas.  The the ceiling for Vonleh's potential is somewhere up around Jupiter and Mars.

In tonight's 1st Rd match-up between the Rivals and Dunbar, with UNC Asst. Jerod Haase sitting court-side to check out the 'Slime,' Vonleh put on a one-man-cabaret in choreographing a runaway victory for Vin Pastore's ball-club.  He did a little bit of everything....handled the ball against pressure, attacked off the dribble and created scoring opportunities for teammates, went 2-2 from long-range, blocked several shots, changed several more, finished with several richter-scale jams, and on several occasions, Vonleh grabbed rebounds from high above the rim and, in one motion, busted out and started the break.


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