Saturday, July 2, 2011

Changes in the USA Grassroots Basketball League

The original plan for the USA Grassroots Basketball League is out.  Too many populations discrepancies between the various teams.  New Plan Below.

Scenario for the Imagination - Grassroots Basketball in America is different; instead of playing AAU, the top young players in America play in a Grassroots Basketball League run by USA Basketball.  Synopsis below...

- USA Grassroots Basketball League - 25 Teams 
- Each team will represent an American geographical region plus Canada. 
- A US State must field two teams if it has a population of over 20M; therefore, Texas    and California will each have two teams.

Changes from original USA GBL Plan
- Team Texas will be separated and Texas will field two teams
- Arkansas leaves Team Gulf for Team Appalachia to rectify population in-balance.
- Team Virginia combines with Team MD/DC to for Team Capitol.

Coming Soon: USA GBL Top 10 + Team Profiles

1.  Team New England - Population: 14M
2.  Team New York - Population: 19M 
3.  Team Pennsylvania - Population: 12.7M 
4.  Team New Jersey - Population: 8.7M 
5.  Team Ohio - Population: 11.5M
6.  Team Capitol (MD/VA/DC) - Population: 14M
7.  Team North Carolina - Population 9.5M
8.   Team Gulf (MS, AL, LA) - Population: 12.5M
9.  Team Florida - Population: 18M
10.  Team Georgia - Population: 9.7M
11.  Team Texas North - Population: 12.5M
12.  Team Texas South - Population: 12.5M
13.  Team Southern Cal - Population: 18.5M
14.  Team Northern Cal - Population: 18.5M
15.  Team Indiana - Population: 6.4M
16.  Team Illinois - Population: 12.8M
17.  Team Lewis&Clarke (WA/OR/ ID/WY/MT/HA/AK) - Population 16M
18.  Team Michigan - Population: 9.8M
19Team Kentucky/West Virginia/Arkansas - Population: 9M
20. Team WIld West (OK, NM, AZ) - Population: 12M
21.  Team Sierra (NV, UT, CO) - Population: 10.4M
22.  Team Heartland (NE, KS, IA, MZ) -  Population: 14M
23.  Team Paul Bunyan (MN, WI, ND, SD) - Population: 12M
24.  Team Elvis (SC, TN) - Population: 11M
25.  Team Canada - Population: 33M

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